Thursday, November 12, 2015

Shunting operations performed with diesel locomotives

No. 2014/M (L)/466/7101.Misc dated 13.3.2015.

Sub:Shunting operations performed with diesel locomotives.

Dual-cab locomotives are inducted into the system on Indian Railways. There are cases reported to Board that while performing shunting, LPs are not following instructions issued in this regard.

CRS/Northeast Frontier Circle in his report on the accident of dashing of rear SLR No. 11707 of 15960 DN Kamrup Express by light engine No. 40129 WDP4D at Dibrugarh station of Tinsukia Division of NF Railway on 25.8.2014 has recommended as under.

All the crew to be strictly advised not to drive from ‘rear cab’ in the locomotives having ‘dual cab’.

In this regard, all Zonal Railways are advised to ensure strict compliance of following instructions by the LPs during train working as well as shunting on diesel locomotives.

1. On single cab diesel locomotive, LPs should work from the respective control stand towards the direction of train movement.

2. On dual-cab locomotives, LPs should work from the leading cab only.

All Zonal Railways are advised to instruct / counsel all the LPs by LIs and through Training Centres / general instructions.

(Vivek Kumar)

ED/Mechanical Engineering (Tr

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