Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Incidences of Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD)

No.2012/Elect.(TRS)/113/4                     New Delhi, dated 02.01.2013

SUB     : Incidences of Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD)

Incidences of Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD) are a serious cause of concern and this is being monitored at highest level in Railway Board. Although, instructions have been issued from time to time from Board, in view of the recent case of SPAD in SR where train no. 16604 (TVC — QLN) passed Home signal at danger on 29.12.2012 at KCVL station, it is felt necessary to reiterate the following instructions once again to sensitize the issue at appropriate level:

(i)  The cases of SPAD / accidents on the Zonal Railway including cases of other Zonal Railways should be discussed in the training centres for mass awareness. Details of all accident cases can be obtained from website
(ii)  Pamphlets should be issued, in lines of safety bulletin, narrating accident cases and action to be taken by Crew to avoid such occurrences.
(iii)  ALPs needs to be counseled for applying emergency brakes by opening RS valve quickly in case they find lack of alertness on the part of Loco Pilot while approaching signals.
(iv)   Close monitoring of duty hours and periodical rests must be ensured. CMS, wherever provided should be fully utilized.

(v)  Increased interaction with family members of crew for bringing about an awareness of the need for proper rest at the home station.
(vi)  Proper learning road of the crew in all section of their jurisdiction must be ensured. Also ensure that running staff are booked on all the routes so that their LR does not become overdue.
(vii)  Intensive foot plate inspections by Oficers / Supervisors to be done especially at "Vee" hours on Goods trains. Officials on foot plate should ensure that ALP's are calling out signals loudly and LP's are also acknowledge the same.
(viii)  Running staff should be counseled on the use of Mobile phones. Ambush checks to be conducted to sensitize the issue and to check the alertness of        the crew. Stickers depicting prohibition of mobile phones during run should be provided in side loco cabs. Random checking of mobile phone call records should be ensured to find out defaulters.
(ix)  Condition of Crew booking lobbies and Running rooms should be improved as per existing instructions, to ensure proper quality of rest.
(x)  Identify running staff in running rooms that indulge in activities other than rest and counsel them for taking proper rest during stay in running rooms.
(xi) Proper computer based feedback mechanism for any unusual incidents reported by the running staff should be implemented similar to Delhi/NR.
(xii)   The Officers should check the knowledge of the Inspectors & Trainers and their regular training must be ensured for awareness of latest modifications, new equipments etc.,
(xiii)   Working of all Safety equipment should be ensured before dispatching the locos for trafic service.
(Ved Pal)
Exe. Dir. Elect. Engg. (RS)

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