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Joint Procedure Order(JPO) for use of CUG/Personal Mobile Telephones by Loco Pilots/Assistant Loco Pilots/Motormen and Guards.

No.2010/Tele/2(1)/1/Pt.                                                                                                                 29/12/2012

Sub: Joint Procedure Order(JPO) for use of CUG/Personal Mobile Telephones by Loco Pilots/Assistant Loco Pilots/Motormen and Guards.

Ref: Railway Board letter no. 2006/Safety(A&R)/19/8 dated 11.05.2007.

Instances of accidents have come to light that have been caused because of Loco pilot/Assistant Loco Pilot/Motorman/Guard using mobile phones during trains run. Board has considered the issue of use of CUG/Personal mobile phones by Loco Pilots/Asst. Loco Pilot/Motorman/Guards during train run and a revised guidelines in the farm of JPO has been approved by Board (CRB, ML, MM & MT).
2. This JPO supersedes all previous instructions issued in this regard.
3. The JPO is enclosed for compliance.

Despite instruction issued vide Board's letter referred above, number of instances have come to light in which Loco Pilot/Assistant Loco Pilot/Motorman/Guard were found to be using Mobile phones during train run. In a few cases, this has even led to fatal accidents.
It has now been decided that the following revised ,guidelines shall be adopted by the Loco Pilot/Assistant Loco Pilots/Motormen and Guards for use of mobile phones while on duty:-
1.       Loco Pilot/Assistant Loco Pilot/Motormen while "Signing ON" will give a declaration in the CMS about the personal mobile telephone (Number & Operator) available with him. Railway administration will initiate steps to e-monitor and track the calls originating/received from the CUG and personal mobile  phones during the period of run. In case, it is found either from the Call Detail Records(CDR) or during random surprise checks that the CUG/personal mobile phone has been used unauthorizedly, the Loco Pilot/Assistant Loco Pilot/ Motormen will be liable to be taken up under DAR.
2.       While the train is on run, the Loco Pilot/Motormen will keep their mobile phones  (CUG & personal) in switched off condition in their bag/box.
3.       The Guards may use their CUG mobile phones during train run in exigencies only.
4. Loco Pilots may use their CUG mobile phones during train run only in exigencies such as to call for assistance in the event of an accident or failure. However, the reason necessitating use of mobile phone during journey may be recorded at the end of their journey in the register kept in the Loco Pilot lobby. Personal mobiles phones shall not be used under any circumstances during the entire journey period.
5. The Loco Pilots and Guards will invariably use walkie-talkie/VIU sets for communicating  with each other and with the Station Master and vice-versa.
6.    In case, the Loco pilot is required to be contacted for emergent purposes, the concerned officer/controller may contact the Guard or the Station master over CUG mobile phone and the Guard/Station Master may in turn convey the message to Loco pilot on walkie-talkie set.
7. In case of suburban (EMU) trains, when Motorman is required to be  contacted for emergent purposes by the concerned oficer/controller, the same shall be done through Guard using walkie-talkie/VHF sets.
8.   In case, the Assistant Loco Pilot has been provided with CUG mobile phone or is carrying personal mobile phone, the above instructions shall also be applicable for Assistant Loco Pilots.
9.   The inspecting oficials while on footplate should keep their mobile phones in "Silent mode" and should desist from using the mobile phones except in emergencies, so that Loco Pilot is not distracted.
This has the approval of Board(CRB,ML,MM & MT).

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