Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Railway Board has constituted a Joint Committee

Railway Board has constituted a Joint Committee vide letter no. ERB-I/2014/23/37 dated 01.09.2014 involving both the federations of Railways (i.e. AIRF & NFIR) to deliberate on various pending issues of Running Staff. The Committee will consist of the following:

i. Executive Director/ (T&MPP) Railway Board Convener ii. Executive Director/EE(RS), Railway Board Member iii. Executive Director/ME(Tr.), Railway Board Member iv. Executive Director/ Finance (E), Railway Board Member
v. General Secretary/AIRF Member
vi. General Secretary/NFIR Member

On the following issues

1. IT deduction ceiling on Running Allowances,
 2. Grant of running allowances w.e.f. 1.1.2006,
3. Reduction in duty hours, provision of additional allowances for all,
4.55% benefit for decategorised running staff kept on supernumerary posts and issue necessary clarification for payment of final settlement dues,
5. Allotment of higher grade pay to LP & Guard, abolish 12 hours duty in railways - introducing 8 hours duty roster,
6. Classify running working high speed trains as intensive,
7. SPAD definition needs to be reviewed to prevent harassment and victimization of running staff,
8. Running rooms should be improved air conditioned
9. Upgraded priority and any other issue directly related to running staff.

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