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Proper functioning of Vigilance Control Device (VCD) on electric locos


No. 2003/Elect(TRS)/441/3 Vol.-I Pt-I                       dated : 13.12.2012

SUB : Proper functioning of Vigilance Control Device (VCD) on electric locos

On 10.12.2012, freight train no. N/BRS hauled by MU electric loco 23910 + 23133 (BZA/SCR) passed Home signal of Bhanwar Tonk (BHTK) station of BSP — PND section (BSP division of SECR) at "ON" position at 04.21 hrs and stopped in front of station building after bursting point no. 16. Primary investigation revealed that VCD of the leading locomotive was in isolated condition at that time. It is primarily understood that it may be a case of lack in alertness of crew in 'Vee' hrs and this incidence of SPAD could have been avoided if VCD was in working condition. Moreover, reports of recent safety drive, received from Zonal Railways, indicates that large no. of locos are running with VCD in isolated condition.

Since, isolation of VCD is a serious lapse in safety and hazardous for train operation, this is to be viewed seriously & corrected on first opportunity.
In view of the above, Zonal Railways are advised the following:
        i.            All electric locos fitted with VCD to be turned out from homing shed with VCD in working condition. Efforts are to be made for attending VCDs in isolated condition for minor defects even at trip sheds.
      ii.            Whenever loco fitted with VCD touches shed its event data to be downloaded to check periods of its isolation for few latest trips & report to be sent to concerned Sr.DEE(TRO)s for identification of isolation cases of VCD on freight as well as passenger locos by running staff.
    iii.            Running staff to be counseled not to isolate VCD without any valid reason and reason should be recorded in log book properly.
     iv.            Genuine cases of VCD isolation to be investigated in details with submission of monthly failure report to RDSO for identification & rectification of design defects, if any.
Zonal Railways are advised to take necessary action accordingly.
(Ved Pal )
Exe. Dir. Elect. Engg. (RS)
Railway Board

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