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Medical decategorization of Railway employees

No. 2011/H/5/9. : New Delhi,
Dated:- 29.08.2014.

Sub:-    Medical decategorization of Railway employees and provision of alternate employment on medical grounds.

i) Ministry of Railway’s letter No. 201 1fH/5/9 dated 01.07.201 1 and Advance Correction Slip to Annexure-XX of Para 561 (B) of Indian Railway Medical Manual, 2000.

ii) Ministry of Railway’s letter Nos. 201 1/H/5/9 dated 28.10.2011 85 23.02.2012.

Consequent to issuance of Board’s letter cited under reference and the Correction to Para 561 (B) of IRMM, 2000, various suggestions/difficulties in implementation thereof have been received from time to time. Keeping in View the difficulties being faced by the Zonal Railways, the matter has been examined afresh.

After careful consideration of the matter, it has been decided with the approval of competent authority to modify Annexure-XX of IRMM, 2000 relating to Alternate Employment on Medical Grounds by deleting sub clause "b" of the certificate of recommendation for alternate employment on medical grounds.

Accordingly, Advance Correction Slip to Para 561 (B) and Annexure-XX of IRMM, 2000 is enclosed herewith.

This has the approval of Board (MS).

(R.S. Shukla) 
Dy. Director /Hea1th
Railway Board.

Correction Slip of Para 524, IRMM 2000.

Para 524 (ii), IRMM 2000 may be read as under:-

“Para 524 (ii), IRMM 2000 - Periodical medical examination of an employee should preferably be completed on the same day for employees in Aye‘two and below medical categories and within two days in Aye-one medical category,‘ but invariably within three days for employees of all medical categories. However, if a Railway doctor is of the View that the employee is a case of diabetes, hypertension or any other treatable condition and declaring him/her fit is likely to take more than three days' time, the doctor will'advise such employee to be kept on sick list till the employee is declared fit for duty. The examining doctor should inform in writing the controlling authority at the place of posting of the employee concerned to issue sick memo to the employee for the Authorized Medical Officer to keep him/her on sick list till his case is finally decided by the Medical Examiner. In such cases, for the period the employee is kept on sick list due to treatable medical condition, the period of sickness shall be debited to his/her own leave account. However, in other cases where medical examination could not be completed in three days due to reasons not attributable to health condition of the employee, the entire period required by the doctor to come to a conclusion of the PME should be treated as duty.  However, it will not include the time taken by the employee to procure spectacle or any wilful delay by the employee”.

Certificate of recommendation of alternate employment on medical ground



This is to certify that:-

Name :-  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Designation:- ------------------------ Department:- -------------------- Station:- ---------------------

Present Medical Category:- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Disability description:- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The employee is unfit in Medical Category / Categories:- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- but fit in Medical Category:- -------------------------------------------------------- and below.

Signature of Medical Officer

Counter Signature of CMS/ CMD

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  1. Sir, my father was medically decategorised due to knee replacement surgery, at the time of decategorisation he was mate at 2400 G.P, now he is posted in khalashi post with same pay,,,,,,,, Kindly guide at which pay he will get retirement benefit