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Streamlining of working of RRBs

RRCB No.1/2014
Ltr No. 2013/E(RRB)/25/28                                          Dated.17.01.2014

Sub.: Streamlining of working of RRBs-Holding of common RRB examination for the ALP& Technician.
Ref.: Board's letter No.2009/E(RRB)/25/20 dated 28.10.2009 RRCB No.04/2009

Vide Board's letter under reference comprehensive orders on the streamlining of functioning of RRB were issued. This process has been under constant review and scrutiny based on the experiences of examinations held against CEN of 2010, 2011 & 2012 so that the RRB exams can be held in more efficient and cost effective manner. It has been noticed that minimum education qualification for the two categories of ALPs & Technicians being common (ie, ITI in relevant trade), most of the candidates applying for these categories are common. Still, conventionally two different notifications and exams have been issued / organised for these two categories separately. The results in holding two different exams for same set of candidates on two different occasions and also if the candidate is selected in both the exams, he joins against one category of posts leaving the other vacant. This is also one of the reasons for short Panel.
2.         To  streamline and standardize selection procedure and also to address the problem of short panels in critical safety categories like ALP & Technicians, Board has decided  for holding a common RRB examination for the ALP & Technicians categories from  2014 onwards. For this the following changes in the existing recruitment system are being introduced with immediate effect.
(i)    Nodal RRB/Chennai will issue a common Centralized Employment Notification on behalf of alt the participating RRBs for these two categories of post viz. ALPs & Technicians.
(ii)  For the selection of ALP & Technician, a, common written examination will be conducted on the same day simultaneously by all the participating RRBs in one or more sessions depending upon the numbers of candidates applying for the examination on that RRB.
3.         A common structure of question papers for the written examination of the categories of ALP & Technicians should be followed/adopted as detailed under, which is in supersession of Boards letter No.2009/E(RRB)/25/20 pt.dated 05.01.2011 (RRCB No.1/2011) for these two categories:

Times in Minutes
No.of questions
ALP & Technician
Gen. Awareness
Gen. Intelligence & reasoning
General Science
Technical Ability

4.         As per the existing instructions, candidates to the tune of five times the vacancies are short listed for appearing in the Psycho-Tests for ALPs. It has now been decided that the number of candidates to be short-listed for Psycho Test may be increased to eight times of the vacancies subject to Securing minimum qualifying marks prescribed for respective community in the written examination on the same lines as ASMs communicated vide Board's letter No.2013/E(RRB)/ 25/23 dated0 8.10.2013 ( RRCB No. 1/2013).
5.         With a view to avoid shortfall while preparing the panels, if any, the zone of stand by/waiting list is also being increased from present 30% to 50% for the above mentioned categories combined together.
6.         It should be clearly brought out in all the communications to the Candidates that a candidate once empanelled for any of the posts depending on his choice/merit position will not be considered for alternative appointment later if he is found medically unfit. Therefore, the candidates, in their own interest, should satisfy themselves about fulfilling the prescribed medical standards before opting for various posts.
 These modifications are issued with the approval of Board and may be implemented from CEN 01/2014 onwards.
Joint Director, Estt. (RRB)
Railway Board

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